About Suzuki Violinists of WNY

We Develop Great Minds and Hearts

Here you will find more than drop-off violin lessons. Here you will find a focus on the whole child, where we pay individual attention to every child and every family, and tailor our teaching in whatever ways will help your child achieve his or her greatest potential.

We Are A True Community

We are also a true community, a community that is:


Our students come from a dozen different countries, and enjoy the chance to learn about each other’s cultures. We also give students the opportunity to explore music from different parts of the world and expose them to genres that go beyond the purely classical – such as fiddling, folk music, Latin, rock and Broadway.


We partner closely with our families, and our families support each other through learning and practice. Our students learn to work with each other in group classes and in chamber music. We also team up with other independent Suzuki studios teaching viola, cello, and classical guitar, in order to give our children opportunities to play together with a broad range of musicians.


We believe strongly in giving back to our wider community, and offer volunteer opportunities throughout the year for children to use their musical gifts for the benefit of others in Buffalo and beyond. We particularly focus on raising awareness of and benefiting children’s causes such as Buffalo String Works, Compeer, the Buffalo Women and Children’s Hospital, Buffalo Child and Family Services, Save the Children, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Albright Knox Art Gallery, Time Warner TV, Asbury Point, Weinberg Campus, Beechwood Homes, and the Amberleigh Senior Retirement Home.