Beginners Ages 10+ Program

Our comprehensive program for children beginning music at age 10 or older includes: 

Personalized Private Instruction

Private Lessons only for students 10 yrs and older, including adults. This program is great for an older beginner or a student who wants to improve on his/her skills at school orchestra..

How to Get Started

Parents interested in registering their children are encouraged to watch what the Suzuki method entails. Attend one of many concerts and/or recitals, and observe another student’s private lesson. There is no charge for an observation. We will try to select a student of a similar age and skill level to give you a better idea of what to expect, hopefully ensuring that this is the right program for you and your family.

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Pick Your Lesson Day & Time on a Monthly Basis

In order to develop a positive, supportive and motivational learning experience we do recommend that children on our Private Instruction Program do take weekly lessons. However you teacher will try to work out what fits best with your schedule.

Solo Recitals

Students in this program are also encouraged to participate in solo performance as a celebration of their learning if they wish so.