Did you grow up listening to classical music? Between QUEEN, Journey, and ABBA, my parents played us Vivaldi and Mozart. Nowadays, the classical music I’m drawn to is Debussy, Ravel, and Liszt. There’s such a wide range of classical music that I’m inclined to think that there’s something for just about everyone (if they give it a chance).

Kids, too. Watch them as they listen… do they quiet down? Do they become more active? Are they moving to the music? Humming along? These are some indicators that it’s at least capturing their attention.

Most classical music is MORE stimulating than your average song. For some kids, this can GREAT because they thrive with the extra sensory input. You might see those kids get more grounded, quiet down, or pause to listen. For others, it can be too stimulating and you might see them become significantly more active (example: running in circles or running and crashing into a couch), cry, or begin to look overwhelmed. These are always good things to watch out for when introducing kids to new music!

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Happy listening!

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