Viola Program

What is a Viola? Why Should I Learn to Play? 

As many will say it’s a bigger violin! Yes indeed. A full size violin measures 14 inches and a full size viola can be anywhere from 15 to 18 inches.

Both instruments have four strings, however the viola doesn’t have the E string (the highest string on the violin). Instead, the viola has a C string which gives the instrument a much lower, deeper and mellow sound that is closer to the cello. Also, there’s a shortage of great viola players from the very young to older, so you will also get lots of opportunities to play.

All our programs are available for violin and viola.

Starting at 3yrs old any student can learn the viola the same way as the violin. Both instruments beginner instruction are very similar. Although violas look like a bigger violin they also come in fractional sizes.

As you can see, the viola (on the right) is slightly
bigger than the violin (on the left)