Program Elements

Initial Observation

Parents interested in registering their children are encouraged to watch what the Suzuki method entails. Attend one of many concerts and/or recitals, and observe another student’s private lesson. There is no charge for an observation. We will try to select a student of a similar age and skill level to give you a better idea of what to expect, hopefully ensuring that this is the right program for you and your family.

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Parent Training

Once you are assigned a weekly lesson schedule, all parents receive a few weeks of training without their children. No previous musical experience is necessary, expected or required. You will be introduced to the Suzuki Philosophy, learn how to become your child’s teacher at home, learn the basic principles of violin playing as well as how to tune the instrument. These sessions are extremely important for the success of your child’s future musical experience. Parents will then actively participate in their child’s lessons.

Private Lessons

All children have weekly private lessons with their parent(s), which run during the school year from September to May. You will be assigned an individual lesson schedule, with lessons on the same day at the same time every week. In addition we offer summer lessons, which are vitally important to a child’s continuing progress.

Group Classes

In addition to private lessons all children participate in relaxed and informal group classes, about once a month. This gives them their first experiences of making music with others. Because all children learn the Suzuki pieces in the same sequence, they are very quickly able to play together. Group classes also provide an opportunity for parents to meet each other. The social aspect of our Suzuki community is strong, and we find it is a key motivator for the children to spend time with their peers.

Concerts and Recitals

Several times a year children are able to participate in concerts and recitals. These are celebrations of learning and include everyone from beginners to the most advanced performers. Even the youngest children have the opportunity to get up on stage.

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