For Parents

Parent Training

Different from other learning experiences, with the Suzuki method you participate along with your child from the very beginning. We believe that you will always be your child’s most important teacher and we will ensure you have the right tools to succeed. This includes a few weeks of parent training ahead of your child’s starting their lessons and continues throughout your child’s Suzuki journey with advice, tips for practicing with your child, and the support of other experienced parents.

Parent Forums

Parent forums are facilitated by parents, for parents. Parents have the opportunity to gather on their own during group classes and share their Suzuki journey with each other. Group classes not only help motivate the children, but also the parents. This group has offered parents an opportunity to learn from each other, figuring out together how to best work with their children, and to inspire and to encourage each other. Many call it their monthly “therapy” group!

Parent Conferences

Once a year, or whenever it’s needed, we offer a one-to-one parent conference for parents of young students to talk in depth about their child’s development. This an invaluable part of our teaching approach. In the parent conference we review what has been working well, figure out how to overcome any individual challenges your child may be having, and develop a plan for the upcoming year.

We typically include teenage students in part or all of the parent conference, in order to discuss their progress to date, how their music is fitting more broadly into their lives, as well as their aspirations and future endeavors. This enables us to create a tailored teaching experience for each student going forward.